About Me

Hello! My name is Tyler Walter.

I am a twenty-something millennial, born and raised in the midwest. I’m an entrepreneur, a history enthusiast, an athlete, an amateur guitarist, an engineer, a risk taker, a voracious reader, an investor, a health nut, and now I’m trying my hand at writing.


That all sounds nice and fancy but I’m sure you REALLY want to know who I am and how I got here.

Several short years ago, I was in a complete rut in life. The deep kind of rut where the tire just spins and kicks up mud without moving the car at all. This rut began towards the end of my 4 year stint as a college student. I had been a standout in high school in both academics and athletics. As most 18 year olds do I stumbled my way into a university and degree program based on my test scores and the adults in my life. I settled in at college as a student athlete by day and and a professional chugger of Busch Light by night.

A few years into this cycle I was starting to burn out. Like most American college students, I wasn’t taking care of my health and was sick and tired all the time. I wasn’t extremely enthusiastic about the outlook of my career path that I had never really decided was for me in the first place. And I really just wasn’t maturing as a person. I had very little purpose in life, very little drive or ambition, and absolutely zero emotional intelligence, letting other people and outside circumstances get the best of me constantly.

Right when I was at the deepest point in this rut, when it seemed like there wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel, three profound things happened to me that changed everything.

First, I had a devastating knee injury. The kind where you hear and feel the pop and know that it’s serious. That injury and ensuing surgery effectively ended my collegiate football career wiping out one of my greatest passions as well as 40 hours per week of my time. I now had to find new passions to fill this void.

Secondly, for the first time in my life, someone very close to me passed away. For those of you that have had this experience you know what I mean when I say it changes the way you look at life.

Thirdly, I was introduced to a community of people who are OBSESSED with healthy living both physically and mentally. Through this community I have been exposed to endless amount of advice and support on living a healthy lifestyle and having a mindset that leads to happiness and success. This community showed me how to build a lifestyle business around my passions that allowed me to leave my dull career path and live life on my terms. The community and the vehicle have completely changed my life physically, mentally, and financially. 

I found the silver linings in my injury and in my loss by what I could learn from the experience. I was blessed to have a community around me that raised my standards and propelled me forward. And I was lucky enough to have a vehicle that would allow me to start designing my life the way I wanted it to be, rather than fitting into the societal norms.

I have since been engrossed with learning how to lead a “successful” life. My definition of success is borrowed from one of my favorite historical legends, Ben Franklin. I define success as the endless pursuit of three things: health, wealth, and wisdom. It is my goal to share with you what I’ve learned and take you along on this endless pursuit of self education with me.

And that is all I intend this to be. Me sharing with you my own self education. I am not an expert in these areas but I am an avid learner and I want to bring you along for the learning with me. We must constantly educate ourselves to truly pursue success.

“Formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune”

-Jim Rohn